Creekwood Church is passionate about fulfilling the great commission God’s given us: going into all the world, preaching the Gospel, and making disciples. Mission trips connect us with what God is doing in our communities and around the world as we build the kingdom of God. Join us and help make a difference by serving others both nationally and internationally.

Upcoming Trips

Upcoming Trips

Waco, Texas

March 17 – 20

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In 2022, Creekwood Church is planning four mission trips throughout the year. If you would like more information about these trips as it becomes available, please click the button below to select your trip(s) of interest.

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I was really impacted by the way in which the people of the Dominican Republic trust God to provide. It’s definitely something I brought home, meaning I’m going to trust God more in all areas of my life.

Jennifer Trammel

I saw and experienced God in a way I could never see here. I also bonded with my group and feel we’ll always have that special connection of sharing a mission trip. 

Andrew Russell

The joy and happiness I saw in the people we spent time with, many with so much less than we have, will be something I remember for a very long time. It gave me a fresh perspective on life.

Randy Dicken

I was surprised that this mission trip was so much different than others I have been on. It was intentionally more relational and because of that we really got to know and share with the people we served with.  

Amanda Wise

Ministry Partners

Del Camino Network

International trips are facilitated by the Del Camino network: a network of churches throughout the Caribbean, Central and South American regions. The churches in these areas focus on influencing their community by showing the love of God in all they do. On our trips we get a glimpse of how such focus not only changes lives but also the community as a whole.

Common Questions

What happens on a trip?

Each trip is uniquely planned with specific communities in mind. However, here’s what happens regardless of the trip you participate in:

• You’ll expand your perspective, experience how others outside of your local community worship God with passion.
• You become more grateful for what the little blessings in life, like a home, running water, etc.
• You’ll find friends that become like family. Each trip has a unique experience, and these relationships can last a lifetime.
• You’ll overcome fears. Many of us live with doubts about how God can use us like we’re not wise enough or seasoned enough, but God uses these times to grow us and recognize that He can use us right where we are.
• You’ll show support and love to the missionaries and ministries we are serving alongside.

Do I need special vaccines for international mission trips?

Typically that is not necessary. However each person must decide for themselves the level of protection makes them comfortable.

Do I need a passport?

All trips outside the continental US require a passport. It is recommend you plan for this at least 3 months from departure.

What will our accommodations be like?

Most people who have taken a mission trip are pleasantly surprised by our accommodations. We stay in local hotels or guest houses that are air conditioned and reasonably comfortable.

Is the water safe to drink?

This detail is dependent on the trip. You will be given all info specific to your preferred trip well before departure. In areas where we can’t drink the water we are provided as much bottled water as needed.

Are the areas we go to safe?

Absolutely, security is our priority. Ventures into rougher villages are always accompanied by church leaders that work, live and have established relationships in the community that act as guides to keep our groups safe.

How do I raise support for a trip?

We have a helpful guide available for just that! Click here for ideas on raising support for your trip.

For any further questions on Missions; please email missions@creekwoodchurch.com.