Camp Anothen

July 27th – 31st
Kinder – 5th Grade

Creekwood Kids Camp 2020 will be a day camp located right here in Mansfield, TX, on the campgrounds of Camp Anothen. Camp Anothen campground is designed to immerse your child in an engaging, educational and fun environment. Get outdoors, enjoy God’s creation, play games, make friends and build memories that will last a lifetime. Camp Anothen strives to create activities that are unique to summer camp. Your children will participate in activities that challenge their mind and body.

At Creekwood we want even our children doing life together. It’s a perfect opportunity for your child to develop healthy relationships with faith friends. Your child can even invite their friends from school or the neighborhood and use this week as a way to encourage those relationships towards God.


We have a limited number of spots. These registrations dates will only be available until the camp is filled.

Registration is not considered complete until the registration form and the initial deposit are submitted and paid.

Kids must have completed K-5th Grade to register.


Early Bird


Early bird registration ends March 27

Payment Schedule:
$59 deposit due at registration

$150 due by July 1



Registration ends July 1

Payment Schedule:
$59 deposit due at registration

$170 due by July 1


Our heart is to see as many students attend summer camp as possible. Sponsorships help us send kids to camp that otherwise would not be able to attend due to financial need. If you would like to help a family in need get their kid to summer camp please consider donating towards a sponsorship.

Sponsor a Kid

Parent Info Meeting

There will be a mandatory parents’ meeting that you must attend. Please mark your calendar for Saturday, July 18, 2019 at 7 pm. Check-in will begin at 7pm in the foyer, the meeting will be held in the Creekwood Church Main Auditorium. At the meeting, you will receive camp specifics and details. There will be time at the end of the meeting to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Following the meeting, your child will receive their camp merchandise!

Spending Money

Snack Shack: Parents may add snack money to their child’s account by logging into their camp account. Camp Anothen has a Snack Shack with a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Common Questions

What time is drop-off and pick-up?

Day Camp drop off starts at 7:30am for early drop off. Regular drop off starts at 8:30am. Pick up starts at 3:30pm. Camp is closed at 4pm.

What does drop off and pick up look like?

  1. Drop off: After entering the camp, you have a choice to park your car and walk your child to their small group leader, or simply follow the car line. After you give hugs and kisses, say goodbye and exit following the same path you entered. The gates to the entrance/exit will be locked immediately following drop off. They will not be unlocked until pick-up time.
  2. Pick-up: You will receive a pick up tag that you will in your windshield. As you enter the camp, your small group leaders will check the tags and place your child in the car.

What about medication?

Camp Anothen has a registered nurse on site at all times. Medication will be dropped off by parents in the camp office. Specific instructions will be left for the child in the office. Any medication sent in child’s bag without proper paperwork, will not be allowed.

Can anyone come onto the campground?

No. Only camp staff will be allowed on the camp grounds, unless accompanied by the camp owners. Background checks, as well as specific child training is required for anyone who is going to walk the campgrounds or interact with the children.

Can we invite friends if they do not attend Creekwood?

It is highly encouraged! We want your children to create healthy, God-centered, long-lasting friendships! What better way to do that, than to invite their friends from school.

Is there an opportunity to volunteer and help?

Yes, Camp Anothen is going to allow our volunteers, who have passed a background check to enter during lunch time and serve the kids. We will need volunteers to help pick-up and deliver the food, as well as set up in the camp and serve them.
Unfortunately, volunteers will not be allowed to stay and walk around the camp, but you are more than welcome to come take a peek while serving lunch.

Will the younger kids be mixed in with the older kids?

We want this to be the best experience for each child. With that being said, the children will be split into small groups according to grade level. They will be split into groups consisting of K-2nd graders, and 3rd-5th graders. Each grade will have specific activities designed for their age group. The older kids will experience a completely different camp than the younger kids. Both will enjoy every minute of it!

What do we need to bring?

  • A small bag to hold items:
    1. Water bottle
    2. Bug spray
    3. Swimsuits (Girls: modest one-piece, Boys: shorts with rashguard- no speedos)
    4. Sunscreen (apply before camp, counselors will re-apply unless specifically asked not to)
    5. Towel
    6. Closed toe water shoes only
    7. Hat and sunglasses

What to wear:

  1. Every day is a water day so please dress your camper in their swim suit and a pair of shorts and t-shirt.
  2. The swimsuit policy is designed to save time by eliminating the need for lengthy changing sessions between wet and dry activities and to protect the modesty of your child and the counselors.

Will the kids be indoors or outdoors?

Camp Anothen campground is covered with plenty of trees that provide shade. It will be very warm outside, but the kids will be involved in several water activities, and will be in the shade most of the day. They have a covered barn as well.

Who are the counselors?

Your child will have a highly qualified and trained Anothen counselor, that will contact you and your child one week before camp starts. You will be able to talk to them, ask questions, and they will send you updates and pictures throughout each day.

For any further questions on Kids Camp; email Stephanie Baird at