Dry Gulch U.S.A

July 16, 2018 – July 21, 2018
Creekwood Kids is excited to announce Dry Gulch as our 2018 Summer Kids Camp. Dry Gulch specializes in unforgettable experiences that your kids will treasure forever! Dry Gulch, is a Western-themed Christian children’s summer camp located on the western edge of Lake Hudson near Adair, Oklahoma.
From the moment our kid’s set foot in the Old West town, adventure is inescapable. When we focus on doing life together and building relationships, the best way for your child to make lasting memories with friends is to experience fun together through go-kart races, bumper cars, and water sports on Lake Hudson.
The inspiring chapel services will impact your child’s life for eternity. God’s Word comes alive each day through engaging songs, interactive lessons, and practical teaching that reaches the hearts of kids. Make 2018 a summer to remember!
Early Bird
Feb 1st – March 26

Kids must be 7-12 years old
$150 deposit due at registration
Final payment of $275 due by June 16.
Limited Space Available

Early Bird is now closed.
March 27 – June 16

Kids must be 7-12 years old
$150 deposit due at registration
Final payment of $325 due by June 16.

Registration is now full.

Make A Payment

Final Payment is due by June 16. 2018.

Make a Payment

Sponsor A Kid

Through your generosity you can help a kid be able to attend Dry Gulch U.S.A this Summer.


Parent Info Meeting

A mandatory parent meeting will be held to discuss last minute details and address any questions you may have.
Please plan on attending this meeting on Sunday July 8, 2018 at 12:30 pm at Creekwood Church in the Main Auditorium.

Guidelines for Medication

Prescription medications need to be in the original bottle, with only the amount needed for the camper’s stay at Dry Gulch. All inhalers, nasal sprays, and EpiPens must be in the prescription box with a label and must NOT be expired. All prescription bottles should come in a Ziploc bag with a completed Dry Gulch Medication Label attached to it. Over-the-counter medications brought to camp will not be accepted at check-in. Designated medical professionals are available at the Nurses’ Station to dispense over-the-counter medication as needed. If an exception needs to be made for a camper taking Claritin, Zyrtec, Miralax, etc., call the Registration Office for an OTC Authorization Form. No vitamins or herbs will be accepted without a doctor’s note.

Head Lice Policy

A head lice exam will be done upon arrival at Creekwood Church. Parents should do a lice check two weeks prior to camp to avoid any issues. If nits or lice are present, campers will be turned away and no refunds will be issued.

Spending Money

We suggest bringing $20 – $40. The Dry Gulch General Store is open for those who wish to purchase souvenirs, candy, and t- shirts. During kids’ camp, spending money will be collected at check-in and be placed on an account in the General Store and the remaining money will be returned to campers at check-out time.

What to pack

Please make sure all your child’s items are labeled with their name.

Casual clothes
Modest shorts and swimsuit (one-piece)

Light jacket
Hat or cap
Extra pair of old shoes for the lake
Sleeping bag/blanket & sheets (twin bed)

2 Towels

Laundry bag for dirty clothes
Spending Money

What not to pack

Campers bringing these items into camp will be immediately dismissed.

MP3 players
Cell phones

Electronic games
Clothing with vulgar or suggestive slogans
Water guns or water balloons
Firearms or fireworks

Over-the-counter medication
Prank or gag materials

Knives of any kind
Drugs or

For any further questions on Kids Camp; email Stephanie Baird at Stephanie.baird@creekwoodchurch.com