Once you are registered you can access the following options below. If you already give online, you can use the same e-mail and password.

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Account Features

Your Profile

Help us keep in touch with you! View and keep your record updated with a correct address, phone number, and e-mail.

Privacy Settings

Control the information that you want or by those in your Life Group (i.e. you can hide your birthdate, e-mail address, etc).

Your Groups

See who’s in your Life Group. You can also instantly e-mail your group or leader.

Life Group Leaders

As a Life Group Leader, you will have the additional feature of taking attendance for your Life Group and managing online prospect requests.

Your Giving

Access online giving and control how much, when, and how you give. You will also have access to your giving history and your yearly contribution statement.

Common Questions

Why do I have to give my birthdate when I register?

It helps us identify that it’s really you, prevents the creation of a duplicate record and helps us comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Act.

I don’t have an e-mail address, can I still register for an account?

Not at this time. Program developers are working on changing this.

My spouse shares an email, how do they register?

Unfortunately, our database program requires each individual to have a unique log-in. Your e-mail address is what identifies you as a ‘unique person’.